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Diesel Controls, Inc.


DCI News

Update 4/4/2018

- Posted on 04/04/2018

Updated pricing on test and advise charges. 

Recent Site Improvements

- Posted on 05/06/2015

We have just completed several NEW features on the individual Injector Product page (the page you get when you click on the Injector image). They are as follows:

  1. Availability: field found in the lower left of screen just to the right of Pricing: The information that will display below it is as follows:
    1. STOCK Item (Injector is a normal STOCK item).
    2. Special Order (Injector will be added to production schedule).
    3. Repair & Return (Must have your Core to be Rebuilt and Returned to you).
  2. Check and Advise: field found in the lower left of screen just below the Core Cost: The information that will display to the right is as follows:
    1. The cost to perform the Check and Advise or if the program is NOT available for that injector.
      1. Note *Please be aware that an Injector Check and Advise has no WARRANTY coverage. Upon testing (good) means that the injector appears to be in good working condition. It does NOT guarantee that it is. There could be internal wear issues that do not show up in the Check and Advise program.
  3. The three little blue circles with a lower case i provides the following information when you click on them:
    1. Core Cost Information
    2. Check and Advise Program Information
    3. Warranty Information

We hope that these new features assist in providing you with the information needed for your customer and placing you order with Diesel Controls Inc.

Site Input

- Posted on 12/19/2014

Diesel Controls goal for this Injector Reference Site is to allow our customers the ability to research Injectors for the current Reman number, their cost and core charge, saving time and money.  It currently does NOT show availability.  This is something we are willing to add in the future when site usage justifies it.

Please let us know via the Contact Page of any known errors or Injector that is not on the site and we will either correct it or add it.

Thank you!

The rate of injection has tripled.

- Posted on 11/21/2013

Did you know in today’s world of fuel injection, there has been a revolutionary change in diesel injectors?

The rate of injection has tripled. 

Once, injection rates were 5,000 to 10,000 lbs. 

Today, they are 40,000 to 50,000 lbs. 

DCI has met this challenge to meet today’s demand. With state of the art testing equipment and procedures, we are leaders in our field and our quality is second to none!

Strong engines require strong parts