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Below you will find access to PDF downloads, tips, and frequently asked questions.

Available PDF Documents

DCI Credit Application

DCI Waiver for High Performance Alterations

Core Policy

DCI Warranty Policy

RMA Warranty Consideration Process Instructions

RMA Warranty Consideration Form

Tax Exempt Form DCI is Vendor


Fill-in Tax Exempt Form
For Ohio's fill-in Tax Exempt Form, go to: http://www.tax.ohio.gov/portals/0/forms/fill-in/sales_and_use/exemption_certificates/ST_STEC_B_FI.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this price show current price & availability?
Our site currently offers your current Injector and Core cost (as long as you have applied for an account and we have replied that the e-mail supplied is ready.) Unfortunately, it does NOT offer availability! Please either create a Purchase Order on this site and we will get back to you, or call for availability. 877-767-6664

Where do I send completed forms?
Send them to: DCI@DieselNext.com

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Strong Engines Require Strong Parts
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