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Diesel Controls, Inc.



Manufacturer: Repair Tools
Product Description:
Designed to ensure a quality repair when replacing Fuel Injectors in C15, C16, C18 and other Cat engines. Cat engines sometimes develop a miss/flutter under load, shortly after installation of injectors. The reason for this is due to damage to the injector sealing surface in the Cylinder Head. Over time compression erodes the sealing surface allowing compression to bypass the injector seat causing aeration of the fuel. This problem can be confirmed by inspecting the injector for damaged oring and carbon tracking on the nozzle nut. How the tools Work. There is a common miss conception that the injector seals against the Coolant Cup. The actual sealing surface is below the cup and is part of the Cylinder Head casting, this is not replaceable. These tools grind the Cylinder Head to repair the erosion that has occurred over the years to the sealing surface. Allowing the injector to seal the cylinder, keeping the combustion event where it belongs! Preventing warranty work. * Save hours of work and $$$$, by using this tool kit to effortlessly repair damage to the injector sealing seat, with Tool Kit C15-3055 and a cordless drill, without removing the head, or Coolant Cup. * *Unfortunately, there are cases where the damage is too severe for the Tool Kit to work properly. In these instances, replacing with a New or Aftermarket cylinder head is the best option.
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